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Version History

MouseJiggle-1.0 (May 4, 2007)

First stable release.

MouseJiggle-1.1 (April 14, 2010)

Added x64 compatibility, and the ability to start jiggling on run with the -j/--jiggle command-line switch.

MouseJiggle-1.2 (Aug 1, 2010)

Bug fix to stop cursor drift on x64 systems, instructions for use in About box, and the capability (off by default) of "Zen jiggling" - sending messages which cause the system to believe the mouse is moving, thus preventing screensaver activation, etc., but without actually causing any movement.

MouseJiggle-1.3 (Nov 2, 2012)

Added the minimize-to-tray feature. (Horribly broken, but added.)

MouseJiggle-1.4 (Jan 21, 2013)

Fixes the buggy minimize functionality in 1.3; adds -z/--zen switch to force zen jiggling on.

First release to use .7z compression rather than .zip for the binary download.