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Arkane Class Libraries

The Arkane Class Libraries are our general-purpose libraries agglomerated from various useful code we've developed over the course of our other projects or put together in our spare time; made available freely as both binary redistributable packages (in most cases) via NuGet and as source from our Kiln repository.

If you reuse the source or compile your own version of these libraries, please change the namespace.


Most of the binary packages are compiled for .NET 4.0 or 4.5, although many of the classes contained within will work fine on earlier versions of .NET.

I use Code Contracts.  (That you may have to change if you target an earlier version of .NET.)  Since I use the


form, you will need to use the runtime checking/rewriter in order to compile these from source.

Certain libraries may have their own additional requirements.  For example, Arkane.Data requires Entity Framework.  These requirements are, whenever possible, baked into the source projects and the NuGet packages.


  • Arkane.Data - forthcoming
  • Arkane.Errors - shared exceptions and other debugging/bug-fix related classes for various of the other Arkane libraries
  • Arkane.FileProperties.Dss - parse the headers of Olympus digital voice files
  • Arkane.FogBugz - internal library; report bugs in our software to our FogBugz On Demand instance


The Arkane Class Libraries are licensed under the Microsoft Public License (MS-PL).